April 19, 2015

I now measure a 28″ waist, 38″ hips – that’s an inch off my waist since 28th February.

At the beginning of this mission, my first run was 2.3km at a pace of 8:10 per km.  I was thrilled to bits.  Yesterday, I ran 2.7km at a pace of 6:16 per km, and only pulled up because of stitch.  I can run much further (well.  4km.  Not epic distances, but still…) at not a great deal slower, and I am increasingly enjoying my runs.

I am beginning to need to buy new clothes (although, since I make many of my own clothes that has also bitten me on the arse a bit – I need a ball dress in a few weeks, and confidently bought the pattern for size 8-12, only to find that in Burda terms I’m a 14….*sigh*).

I’ve joined a yoga class on a Sunday morning.  Sun power yoga.  It’s not a relaxation thing, so much as a tough old workout which usually leaves me gasping for breath and trembling with exertion.  But oddly enough, I quite enjoy that.  And it *is* a good stretch…!!  I’m considering another one on a Wednesday evening, too.

And that’s actually the biggest change.  Over the course of the last two months, Rebelfit has changed for me.  While I really like the changes in my body, this is becoming more and more about the fitness.  I am more and more focussed on what my body can *do* rather than how it *looks*.  I am becoming excited about the performance of my weights and my running, and the challenge of, say, getting into a good tripod pose.

Two things have happened of note, today.  The first is that I’ve hurt my elbow (in yoga class).  Something’s gone pop and it’s really bloody sore.  While I can’t pretend I’m being particularly stoic about it, my main concern is not “ow this hurts”, it’s more “will this stop me doing weights, tomorrow?”.

The second thing is that after yoga, as I was heading up to my shower, my youngest daughter – a slender 15 year old – appeared at the top of the stairs with a pair of her jeans in her hands.  “Mum, I don’t like these.  Do you want them?”  My beloved was sceptical that I’d get into them.  But they fit! And they look good….