Slow progress

This has not been a good week for the running.  As in, I haven’t really done any.  And when I say I haven’t really done any, I do mean none at all.

When I start the training programme proper, on 28th December, there will be three runs a week.  In this in-between stage, I really wanted to stick to that pattern.  And mix in some strength work, and my usual yoga class, too.

IMG_1874So last week, I dutifully ran on Tuesday and Thursday.  A lovely early morning run on Tuesday with a colleague.  Somehow we came to an arrangement whereby if I got him up to run at 7:30am, he would choose the route.  So he did, and we ran on trails – mud is not my natural milieu – around University Parks and the fields towards the back of Marston (in the north of Oxford).  It was hard, slippery work, but fun and we covered the best part of 8km.  On Thursday, I ran up and down the hill at the back of my house, working on maintaining my effort (intensity) level for the first few reps and then going all out for the last one.  I managed 20 minutes of hill work, which isn’t a huge amount – but given that I’ve spent most of the year avoiding hills like the plague, I’ll take that!  Last Saturday I merrily trotted out 9km in the pouring rain and lashing wind, and considered the week a good one! (Though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, looking at my soggy face, above!)

But this week, life got in the way.  That’s OK.  It happens.  I managed some weights on Monday and Friday – legs on Monday, core on Friday – and an IMG_1914hour of yoga on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I headed down to Wantage for a sports massage.  Hayden found some old scar tissue deep in my right calf, and confirmed that the peritoneal tendon on my left ankle is fine – just a bit ‘poppy’.  Which makes sense, and for the time being I have it taped up, on George’s advice.

This weekend, I will be running a 10km Mo-Run in Milton Keynes with my lovely friend Rae, and that will end my week of unintended rest.

So, last week I ran.  This week I did my weights workouts.  Next week, I hope to do both, for the perfect combination!  Let’s see….