Stretching my imagination


I haven’t run since my knee gave way, on Wednesday.  No running, and no doing much else either.  My Fitbit stats are shockingly awful – Dad has just been on the phone, sounding delighted that he’s done twice as many steps as me this week! – and I’m beginning to feel a little like a caged tiger.

Every Sunday, I do an hour and a half(ish) of yoga class.  It’s a form called sun power yoga, and I’ve been going to the class for almost a year.  Actually, on reflection, my knee has been playing up in this class for a while – pigeon pose (never the most comfortable) has been impossible with my right leg for some weeks.  I told Natalie, my teacher, what had happened on Wednesday and she advised me not to push myself.

It was good to work.  This class is hard work: all about strength and cardio and challenging yourself.  There’s pushups incorporated into the salutes to the sun.  There are lunges and more lunges and yet more lunges and holding your warrior pose for impossibly long periods.  It’s not an easy, relaxing kind of a class.  But it was good – really good – to work.  And to chat to Natalie.

I’m off to see a sports physio, tomorrow, to work out what’s going on.  I’m hoping beyond hope that he’ll tell me to stop being a drama queen.  If he tells me I have to stop running for a while, I’m going to treat the next few weeks like a cross training boot camp.  I’ll do body pump and spinning and  a core and abs class, at least once a week each.  And spend time on a cross training machine too, so that at least I won’t lose fitness while I’m recovering.

It feels better to have a plan.  Now we just have to see what the physio says.