And so it begins…

Training for Brighton officially began on Monday.  The day after my birthday.  Luckily, given the birthday situation, training began with a rest day.  I used it to devise a little body conditioning workout for myself, on the basis that stronger legs will run better.  So I did some kIMG_2151ettle bell exercises in the quiet of my living room: 40 squats with a 12kg weight; 40 lunges with a 12kg weight (that’s 20 each side); and 40 halos with an 8kg weight (swapping lead arm after 20). I also revived my training journal (main picture) and made a folder of all the theory modules which underpin my training programme.  It’s a lot to take in!!  I’m following an Intelligent Runner programme – the iMarathon, which takes a somewhat different approach than simply building up miles.  But different definitely doesn’t mean easier.  In fact, I reckon this is probably a more intensive programme than many of the free ones you can find online.

On Tuesday, I ran my first set of intervals – 8 minutes at about 80% of my maximum effort, with 90s rest and repeat 3 times.  RPE (rate of perceived effort) is difficult to judge.  I go for running hard enough that I could say “good morning” but not “how are you?”.  That is, I’m not running so hard I can’t talk, but I couldn’t manage more than 2-3 words; certainly not a conversation.  I covered 3.18 miles in total, including warm up and an all out sprint to the car, just for the fun of it, in 33 minutes.

Yesterday was another rest day, and actually it really was a rest day.  I’m brewing a head cold – my throat is sore, my eyes are gummy and I’m inhaling First Defence like an ex smoker walking past a bus stop… I feel really rough! So I sat and napped and kept warm and drank plenty, and took my lemsip and felt sorry for myself.

This morning was intervals again, but on hills.  There’s a vicious 8% gradient hill just at the back of where I live, and the idea is that you run up and down it continuously for 8 minutes, rest for 90 seconds (slow jog) and then repeat another 2 times.  I managed a total of 1 1/2 repeats before feeling like I couldn’t do any more, and now I’m back at home, feeling gritty and about to get my knitting out.

BUT I’ve been out and done almost two full sessions.  I’ll do plankathon days 11 and 12 today, and then go back to my knitting.  I’ve no plans for tonight – I don’t really enjoy NYE – and so I’ll get a nice early night, like the old lady I am, and tomorrow it will be the year where I *will* run a marathon!