Three good things


The picture is my youngest daughter’s GCSE Level art coursework.  The left and middle images are copies she has made of Grace Ciao’s fashion illustrations.  My daughter is using Ciao and Alexander McQueen as her artist case studies, and her work on both of them has been incredibly detailed and beautiful.  So she provides the image for my three good things, this week.

Looking back over this week, the things I want to pick out because they make me feel good are:

*** My threshold run on Monday felt really hard and disappointing, until I looked at the stats and realised how much faster I’ve got!

*** On a similar theme, I want to pause to admire my leg muscles! When I was looking up instructions for strapping up my knee, a little while ago, the first tutorial instructed me to find the tear-shaped muscle at the inside top of my knee cap.  It didn’t exist. Well, now it does! My thigh muscles are becoming sharper and more defined, my glutes are strong and firm, and my calf muscles are amazing! My legs are strong, and they look strong.  I’m proud of them.

*** Those strong legs carried me uncomplainingly over 9.2 miles, yesterday.  My longest run ever! I ate breakfast before I set out, and I found the perfect groove and could happily have carried on.  Up hill and down dale, no checking ‘how much longer’, no negative head voice.  Just me, my legs, my audio book and a lovely long run.