Wandering winter wonders…

Oh, spring marathon! With your 16 week training schedule and your athlete-focussed approach! How little you have to say in all your brochures and glossy bits of puff about that greatest of British variables… winter weather.

I suppose for much of the 7 weeks since Christmas, we have actually been particularly blessed.  It’s been a fairly warm, mostly wet, blissfully mild winter really.  However, last weekend’s long cold run is looming large in my memory, and with yet another storm trailing across the country this week, I’ve been keeping a weather eye.

I’ve already decided to take tomorrow’s run to the treadmill.  To be fair, the forecast has improved somewhat: it started out as -2deg, with snow; now it’s a mere 0 deg, with rain.  Still don’t fancy that, much.  So I’ll be off to the gym at silly o’clock to get an hour of treadmill tedium under my belt.

But I don’t think my resolve is sufficiently steely for 140 mins of treadmill on Saturday… The forecast is relatively benign, at the moment.  9 deg, with a light rain and, um, 46mph easterly winds.  So that’ll be fun, then!  For the rest of this week, I will mostly be research sheltered outdoor running routes around Oxfordshire… Any suggestions??