You’ve never had it so good…


Yeah, well I see now that I’d more or less jinxed this marathon training malarkey.  It was all too easy – I didn’t get ill, I didn’t skip sessions (well.  Two sessions.  But that’s pretty good going), I didn’t hurt myself early on when the miles were building.  I let myself off too early, a couple of times when things were getting hard.  But that’s my nature, and there’s only so much I can take on at once – I didn’t let myself off totally; I just didn’t push myself quite as hard as I perhaps could’ve.

So the injury was going to happen.  It was never going to be plain sailing all the way to the bank… marathon training just doesn’t work like that!

This week has been tough.  Walking, yoga-ing, going to the odd class at the gym.  Keeping on top of my physio.  Watching other people running, whenever I go out in the car.  Watching, thinking their marathon plan is going better than mine, and getting a little bit jealous.

Today, I’ve done a core class at the gym.  I’ve only done this one once before, and nearly died last time.  This time, it was reasonably comfortable and we had some excellent lateral hip movements against resistance bands, which I’ll be working into my physio.  It felt *good*.  So good, in fact, that I jumped on the treadmill afterwards, and ran for half an hour.  Which also felt good – as good as treadmill running ever feels.  I might try again, tomorrow.  And if all is well by Tuesday, then I will run to work, just to remind my legs what a long run feels like.  And then we’re in taper zone…

Eek! This was a scary time to have a fortnight off….

(In other news, the dog is doing much better.  Thank you for all those crossed fingers!)