The final push

I’m so grateful to all of you wonderful people who have sponsored me – and left such lovely messages on my JustGiving page!! Thank you so very, very much.  It’s such a fabulous charity, and does massively important work for so many people.

I’ve nearly hit my £1,200 target – 81% of the way there.  This weekend I will write to my friends and family who have so far managed to avoid my fundraising pleas, and next week my fabulous work colleagues will be holding a virtual marathon and bake sale in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society!  Isn’t that amazing?! It turns out that the perimeter of our college is almost exactly 1km, so we’re encouraging people to take a gentle mid-morning stroll on Friday, 15th April.  If we can persuade 42 people to join in, we’ll have run a marathon!! And then there will be cakes for afters.  Perfect 🙂

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog and found it informative or enjoyable in any way at all, please consider donating.  Any amount, no matter how great or small, will be received with almost pathetic gratitude and you are all spurring me on to run, walk or hobble over that finish line in 17 days time!!

Thank you.  Thank you *so* much.  xx