So a little while ago, I attended a training day with Tom Craggs of Running With Us.  One of the things I took from that was that the last week before the race was tough.  I’m busy doing visualisations of myself crossing the finishing line. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a 4:1 run:walk strategy.  I’m feeling myself feeling strong and happy at the halfway mark. I’ve plotted out my packing list, made sure I’ve got all my kit.  I know my fabulous friend Andy will be at Shoreham Power Station, so that there’s something to look forward to at what’s supposed to be the toughest point of the route.  I’m working on my list of people to dedicate miles to.

Tom suggested that one good strategy for surviving the final week is to log positives during your training, and take some time to review them, this week.  To remind ourselves that our journey has been a good one, and positioned us well for the big event.  So I’ve had a look at my ‘positive’ tag.  Which reminds me:

  • that I’m strong enough to run two half marathons in one week! Even when I start one of them with a  stone in my shoe;
  • that my pace has improved over shorter runs – I can now comfortably run my PB for 10k (I did it again yesterday) – so when I get back to working on speed I will find I’ve made huge progress;
  • that I have fabulously supportive friends, who are prepared to meet me to run part of the way with me, or – even more fabulous – run all the way, just to keep me company on the longer, more boring routes; that I can run for way longer than I ever imagined I’d be able to, at the beginning of this little exercise – not so very long ago, I was marvelling that I’d run for two hours! Since then, I’ve run for three!! Two schmooo….;
  • that my legs are visibly stronger than they used to be.  No real surprise there, but it’s a bit brilliant all the same!
  • that I can beat the voices in my head and keep going. Quite happily, by all accounts;
  • that waterproof socks can be life changing – and not always for the good.  They’ve kept me dry, sure.  But they’re tough to fit into your average trainer, and have also accounted for blisters… but let’s focus on the dry feet.  This is a list of positives after all 🙂
  • above all, I’ve raised an amazing amount of money!  Almost £1,300 so far – and all for an amazing cause.  I have amazingly generous friends, colleagues and family.  Thank you all *so* much! It means a huge amount to me…!

So.  Seven days.  Later this week, I’ll write my mile dedications.  I’m not sure whether there will be 26, or perhaps just the last 6 or 7….

In the meantime, I’ve just got to convince myself that I’m *just* tired.  It was *just* a sneeze.  There’s nothing wrong; nothing’s going to go wrong.  And this time next week, I will have crossed that finish line and will be admiring my blisters! If you’re lucky, I won’t publish photos of those!!


  1. trepidexplorer says:

    If you have got a cold do it now because I can confirm that it will be gone in 5 days. I checked for you.


    1. Vicki says:

      You’re way too kind!! I nearly bit Josh’s head off this morning, because he coughed!! Imagine!!! Turns out he was just clearing his throat… :-/


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