It’s today!!


I’m drinking tea in the living room of the impossibly cool house we’ve rented in Brighton. God bless Air BnB!! 

I’d like to tell you my race kit is neatly laid out on the floor. It was, yesterday. Today there’s a jumble of things, I’ve just eaten breakfast (chia porridge with strawberries, omega seeds and blueberries) and I’m contemplating a shower. 

I slept better than I expected, and I’m not nervous yet. So in the meantime tea, and watching the dawn fade gradually out of the sky, propelling me gently toward the start line. 

Thank you all for your support – and your donations! Oh my word, your donations!!! We’ve raised nearly £2,000!!! It’s amazing! 


dawn, this morning
good luck, from my nephews
this is the city of Fiat 500s
good luck, from my children
waiting to check in