Nearly a fortnight

In my slight defence, my computer has been in hospital… failed logic board, apparently.  I know how it feels!

I have carried on feeling great… I ran last Thursday and last Saturday – just over 5k each time.  Fast and gentle, if that’s a possible combination.  Actually, it must be.  I felt like a gentle run, so I went for a gentle run, but it turns out that running slowly for months and months and then doing a marathon makes you faster… who knew?!

This week hasn’t been so easy.  The weather’s been weird, for a start; it’s been horribly, horribly cold – sleet, hail, rain and bright, bright sunshine.  I wanted to do an 11 mile trot to work on Tuesday, but life got in the way.  So I did it on Wednesday instead.  It felt great! I mean, I dressed entirely wrong for the weather.. it was 2 degrees, and bright sunshine.  So I dressed for the cold, and had to do one of my famous running strips all the way down the hill into the next village.  Even then, I was too hot.

At about 5 miles, my feet started aching.  I was hot and I was thirsty and I decided to run through it.  Two miles later I found myself at the local petrol station, buying orangina and calling a cab!  The lazy way to finish my commute.

I need a focus.  Some kind of programme.  I’ve a 10k in two weeks, and that’s fine, but after that I need some half marathons in the diary before the Oxford Half in October.  I don’t want to go off the boil and lose all this lovely fitness I’ve spent so long building.

So what do you suggest? Any recommendations for late spring/summer training and events??