starting blocks


Well, it’s been a largely lazy time since I last wrote anything here.  I’ve been running without a programme which, as I think I’ve mentioned before, isn’t my best plan.  Still, with no events to train for, and my mojo declining as a result, I’m pretty pleased I’ve been running at all! I’ve managed a couple of runs a week, most weeks.  So that’s pretty good.

Today, though, is the start of the plan I’ve chosen to follow for the Oxford Half on 9th October.  I’ve gone for a Hal Higdon intermediate plan, this time.  Other people speak highly of his plans, and it seems to offer a complete package… four runs in a week, so slightly moScreen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.06.40re frequent training, but the pay off is that it’s less intense.  So we’ll see.

Learning my lessons from the marathon, I need to set targets – my best HM time so far is 2:30:06.

So my goals:

Overarching: ENJOY IT!!

Gold: under 2hrs 15

Silver under 2hrs 25

Bronze: quicker than 2hrs 30!!!

Progress so far: all training sessions are added in to my calendar.  First run is tomorrow, which I think will be a gentle run down to the station.  Wednesday is threshold training, and ideally for this I’ll need to find a race track – but I suspect, as ever, I’ll use the tried and trusted 400m University Parks route.  Thursday another gentle one, before rest on Friday.  Gentle run on Saturday, distance on Sunday.  That feels like a lot – I may swap out Saturday for some strength training.

Next objective: schedule some strength training and some yoga.  This is less easy – it’s summer and my regular classes are somewhat more irregular.  Also I’ve damaged my rotator cuff, and start physio tomorrow, which means that both yoga and weights will be difficult to do with full commitment…

Oh, and I also have a stinking sinus infection.  So we’re starting from a low base.  But hey ho! Eyes down, and here we go…. xx