Pre-season training….

I’ve signed up with a PT.  Did I mention it?  Anyway.  I have.

I’ve done three sessions, now.  The first was just diagnostic so, y’know.  Doesn’t count.  But it tells us that I have wibbly wobbly ankles and need some majorly remedial work on my quads and glutes.

The second session focussed most on my warm up routine.  Which focusses on warming up my shoulder so that it no longer kills me.  The warm up routine is good.  The shoulder is much looser, and much more mobile.  So next we’re building up the weights routine.  It consists of sets of shoulder presses, deadlifts, cable rows and split squats.  It was hard work, but good to be working with weights again, secure in the knowledge that it will help the running immeasurably.

The third session did all of session 2, and then some extra stuff.  Now, I deliberately started this so that I could work with someone who wouldn’t let me get away with anything.  About half way through the session 2 stuff, I was about praying to be allowed to get away with stuff.  By the extra stuff, I was really seeing stars.

After Tuesday, I had the DOMs.  They lasted until Thursday afternoon, pretty much.  This evening I also have DOMs.

Tomorrow I’m going to run for 45 minutes.  Is the plan.  I’ll let you know how that goes!


  1. Vicki says:

    Well, I do like to spread the joy around… 🙂


  2. trepidexplorer says:

    So I see how this is going to go. Your PT is going to remind me not to let myself get away with stuff.


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