Still here…

I had a week off, courtesy of a lurgy, which saw me with a voice like Selma and wotsername, and energy levels to match.  So I spent a few days in bed, and did nothing at all.  One of the loveliest things of working with a PT is that this was entirely endorsed time off.  So not even feeling guilty!

I did my first run back, yesterday; a set of 8 one minute intervals. They went remarkably well (apart from that slightly odd third one, which I guess I must have crossed a road in, to produce that slow a time…

And today I was back at the gym.  Managed to maintain all the weights I was achieving before I was sick, so I’m encouraged that a week off hasn’t done too much damage! It was good to get my sweat on.

We’ve had some bad news in the family, this last week – my mum has cancer.  So I’m hoping that the running will continue to provide me with some clear head space and provide moments of stillness and calm in the whirlwind that the next few months are likely to entail.  I’m not sure how I’ll fit in my fundraising round all this, but I’m sure I’ll find a way…

In the meantime, I’ve entered the Warwick Half Marathon on 5th March next year.  So that’s my HM test sorted.

Onwards and upwards…


  1. It’s always a good idea to take time off when you’re sick- I’m the absolute worst at doing it though so it would be great to have a PT to yell at me!


    1. Vicki says:

      It *is* great, Pip!! You should definitely seek one out. I would have carried on trying to train, so actually for me the benefit was expert ‘permission’ to be sick!

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