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One of the best ideas from the training session at The Alzheimer’s Society in London, a couple of weeks ago, was to end every week by pulling out three positives.  That way, the thinking goes, when you’re approaching the big day and full of the maranoia, you can look back over your training journal and pull out all the wonderful things the whole marathon process has given you…. so far.  I like this idea, a lot.  So here is my first review of positives over the first month of training, and I’ll do it weekly from now on.

***  I have run a lot of miles.  Far more than I would have thought I was capable of, a month ago.  63.03 miles this month…

*** I narrowly avoided the vicious attack of a crazed, escaped wild animal

*** I had a wonderful time running through London – the most fun solo long run I’ve done so far!

*** I have giggled and gossiped through runs with friends (my next door neighbour, and my colleague Matt)

*** I have practised hills till my thighs want to divorce me, but as a result I have conquered the bastard hill I live on, and hills are rubbish compared to me!!!

*** I met some lovely people, some of whom will also be running Brighton Marathon with me

*** I discovered waterproof socks!! Get some, people! They will change your life!

*** I have raised £367.72 for the Alzheimer’s Society so far, and I’m moved to tears by some of your lovely comments.  Thank you all!!


  1. 76sunflowers says:

    I love the pulling out of positives for your running and training – I used to do 3 good things daily for anything and everything but this has inspired me to focus it in on my running too. And well done on those hills – I need to conquer some at Longleat next weekend and I haven’t trained on them at all – eep!


    1. Vicki says:

      I’ve long been a fan of 3 good things before bedtime. It’s a wonderfully simple and effective mindset shifting technique, isn’t it?!


  2. lexilife says:

    oh my gosh – you’re a saint!! congratulations girl. Nothing can stop you now no?? xx


    1. Vicki says:

      I don’t know about a saint…. Mad would be closer 😝

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